Today is my Dad’s 50th Birthday.

(a few birthdays ago…)

I remember when Dad turned 30 and my Mom threw him a huge birthday bash. Some of the Allens came up to surprise him. They hid in the bath tub, all crammed together behind the shower curtain, and when Dad was told to open the curtain they all jumped out for the surprise. It was awesome. There was also a hot tub at that party and I’m pretty sure the cops showed up because of the noise.

My Dad’s birthday is a week earlier than mine, and I’ve always loved sharing a birthday week with him. We’ve had a few joint cakes and birthday celebrations, but this weekend the celebration will be all about him. We’re leaving for Edmonton this afternoon to help him celebrate the big 5-0. I can’t wait. There will be a lovely dinner out tonight with my family, and then a party tomorrow night with friends and family. Hopefully the cops won’t show up this time. ;)

My Dad is wonderful. He is ambitious, caring, hilarious, hard-working, creative, generous and extremely loving. He always wants the best for his family and he’s all about finding the fun in life.

I love you Dad! Happy Birthday!