Things have been a bit sluggish around here this week, and I totally blame the weather. It’s been grey and cold and gloomy for the past couple of days, which totally messes with my ability to be productive.

Days like these make me wish that I could just snuggle with that little puppy under a blanket.

But here’s the thing, I can’t afford to be sluggish. There’s just too much going on. So, I’m going to tackle the lists (both on paper and flying around in my head) and hopefully get some stuff done today.

Theo’s birthday is tomorrow and we have some friends coming over to celebrate. This means I need to really clean the house. We don’t usually have people over, and so we get used to living with clutter and messes. I feel like I should invite people over more often since it really forces me to do a good, deep clean.

When I asked Theo what kind of a birthday cake he wanted he replied ‘cheesecake!’ to which I groaned. Then he said ‘if that’s too hard, then a lemon meringue pie!’ to which I also groaned. (I love to bake, but these two very specific desserts have always seemed difficult to me). BUT my mom saved the day and directed me toward a super easy cheesecake recipe. I’m going to make it this afternoon and pile it high with fresh strawberries.

So todays agenda includes: cleaning, cheesecake making, laundry, some editing, a few e-mails that need sending, an oil change for the car, and I probably should begin packing for Fernie (we’re leaving on Saturday). Good gravy, I better get going.