So, I’m a big hockey fan. More specifically, I’m a big Edmonton Oilers fan. Right now, they’re not doing too well, but I’ll never jump teams. Today is Wayne Gretzky’s 50th birthday, the greatest hockey player and greatest Oiler ever (in my humble opinion). So, I got to thinking about why I love hockey and why it makes me so happy. This thinking stems from The Happiness Project, which challenges the reader to really think about what they love and what truly makes them happy.

I’m going to share a video with you that makes me SO happy EVERY TIME.

In 2006, the Oilers made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. My parents had season tickets to the Oilers during this time and we all got to go to at least one game (OK, I went to only one game because I lived in Winnipeg while all this was happening. My family members went to many many more). That experience was unreal. I remember standing in the crowd, trying to identify what I was feeling. It was pure adrenaline, joy and amazement at the craziness going on around me.

This video is the opening to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final. Oilers vs. Hurricanes. Honestly, whenever I need to get pumped up, or just feel happy, I watch this. It’s kind of long, you only really need to watch the first part (up to when Don Cherry arrives) to see how unbelievable that place was during the cup run.

Don’t feel like you have to watch it though. Another thing I’ve really internalized from The Happiness Project is that I don’t have to like everything that other people like and vice versa. It’s actually a really freeing notion.

But, if you need to get pumped up on this Wednesday afternoon, check it out.

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