Attention! I have just realized that this is my one hundredth post on Parade of Stories. Wow. I just thought you might want to know.

One of my most favourite Christmas presents this year were these adorable letter mugs from my sister. Sheila has been to Anthropologie with me many many times and has heard my loud sighs of both joy and frustration as I look around at all of the beautiful things that I can’t really afford. So, for Christmas she fulfilled my wish for a ‘K’ and a ‘T’ mug. And golly, do we ever love them. I’m pretty certain that we could just put the rest of our mugs (except for the pottery ones) in storage and only drink out of these. Joy!


The sun is shining today and chinook winds are beginning to blow. Thank goodness for that.

Our weekend was pretty low key and lazy. Movies in the afternoon, going out for breakfast, shopping for new-to-us CDs and naps.

Have a very lovely Tuesday. Oh, and thanks for sticking with me through 100 posts. xo.