It’s almost 4:45 on Thursday afternoon. This is always the time of day when I hit a wall (figuratively, of course). Theo will be home in maybe an hour, and I have been at home all day editing, cleaning and trying to stay sane.

Also, it is the absolute dead of winter.

Winter without Christmas is just the worst.

I’m listening to CBC radio and the broadcasters keep asking people to phone in and answer the question “How cold is it?” They’re getting super lame answers like: “It’s so cold that your shadow freezes to the sidewalk” or “It’s so cold that the fire department is advising you to set your house on fire.”


So, instead of thinking about how cold it is, I’m going to share some things that make me feel warm and sunny.

This print from etsy would look really good in my office. (found HERE)

I would love to wear these delicate earrings. (Also on Etsy).

This brings me so much joy. From, where else, Etsy.

Oh! Oh! There was just a funny joke on the radio: “It’s so cold that even the Calgary Flames seem hot.” Ha! Finally, a good one.

On a grey, brutally cold day like today, I like to think about peonies. And summer. And peonies growing in the summer.

Tonight for dinner I’m going to warm everything up with some creamy broccoli cheddar soup and homemade biscuits. Mmmmm…

Hope you’ve found some warmth on this January day!