Today I’m talking about Christmas music. Everyone has their favourites, and so many are played because of family traditions. I love music like that. In our family it’s Boney M, Gene Autry, Kenny G and many others.

I also really love finding new Christmas music to make new traditions and memories with.

Here are some albums that I have discovered within the last few years. They have quickly become our go-to Christmas albums:

Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas is a box set of 5 different Christmas CDs. He covers a lot of classic hymns and carols with a mix of original songs. His style is quite interesting. He uses a lot of bells, glockenspiels, horns and shakers to create his unique sound. My favourite CDs in the collection are ‘Noel’ and ‘Hark.’

Aimee Mann One More Drifter in the Snow:

Theo introduced me to this Christmas CD when we were first dating. Aimee Mann is one of his all time favourite musical artists and this CD is so so good. It’s perfect for listening to on a snowy evening by the Christmas tree. She does an awesome rendition of The Grinch and beautifully covers classic carols.

Kim Thiessen’s The Light Shines:

Kim works with Mennonite Central Committee, she sang at our wedding, she’s my friend Kaelin’s aunt and she is awesome. This CD is so beautiful and a perfect addition to anyone’s Christmas music collection. I especially like the classic German hymns.

What are your favourite Christmas albums? What are some new ones you’ve recently discovered? I’d love to know.