In honour of the beginning of December and the Christmas season, I’ve decided to do something crazy over here at my blog. Every day (ok, every week day) until December 17th, I’m going to highlight a blog or website that I love and share some of their tips, ideas and recipes to make this Christmas season truly wonderful.

It shall be called: The 13 Days of Christmas Posts!

First up is my favourite cooking blog:

The Pioneer Woman is awesome. She’s got a huge website with various categories, but my favourite is her cooking. She outlines every recipe with step by step pictures and hilarious comments.

This week is Cookie Week on her website and she’s already shared 3 amazing cookie recipes.

I especially want to try her Christmas Cherries and Cleta Bailey’s Toffee Squares.

If you’re wanting to try some new recipes this Christmas, this is the website for you!

(little Christmas bird)