So just yesterday, as Theo and I were driving to McDonald’s for a quick breakfast (don’t judge. you love egg mcmuffins too), we were talking about how wonderfully long and warm this Autumn has been. We’re both quite excited for Christmas and made a vow to only start hauling out Christmas decorations upon the first snowfall.

Because it’s been such a mild Autumn, I really didn’t think we’d need to worry about Christmas decorations any time soon.

Well. I was wrong.

Apparently winter is set to arrive tonight, and it will stick around until March.

Here’s an excerpt from The Weather Network website:

“Snowfall amounts along the foothills are expected to be near 10 to 15 cm. Along and north of a line from Calgary to Brooks, snowfall amounts of 10 cm are expected tonight. Heavy snow will continue into Tuesday morning. There will be zero visibility at times with gusts of wind up to 60 km/h. North winds will push the temperature down to -14.”

Oh. Great.

I guess I better go unearth our garlands and sparkly baubles.

(OK, I’m actually kind of excited for snow.)