Oh, hi friends!

It’s been a while, forgive me. My November has been pretty crazy so far, and it’s only the 12th. We’ve had lots of out of town company, early early mornings, meetings and just general life stuff going on.

It is 8:20 am and I have already driven Theo to work, dropped the car off at Canadian Tire (squealy breaks…) and now I am at Second Cup enjoying a frothy latte.

(sneaky picture)

Also, there is a Christmas tree next to me:

(sneaky picture of the tree)

I’ve got a few articles to write and more work to do on finding editing clients. The week has flown by and I think I’ve made some headway on getting my name out there and showing people what I do.

This weekend we are sticking around here. We need a quiet weekend so badly. My plans include sleeping, baking cookies, watching episodes of our newly acquired Big Bang Theory season 3, and reorganizing my upstairs office.

What are you up to this weekend?

I hope it’s lovely.