The latte I am sipping right now is brimming over with foamy goodness. I must say, I have mastered the art of foaming milk. This morning I am tired. Last night we went to another great concert (you know it’s fall in Canada when two of your favourite bands play shows in the same week)

Last night we saw The Wooden Sky

We had seen them back in February on Theo’s birthday and the two shows couldn’t have been more different. The last time we saw them they played a very small cafe in Canmore and the show was really mellow. Last night they played a huge nightclub that used to be a really old house. The place was like a maze. And last night the show had tons more energy. It was so fun (except for the annoying people who stood right in front of us, and the fact that a bottle of pilsner was 6.75. Outrageous!)

It has been really nice to be going to concerts again.

And now it’s Friday, and the first day of October.

What I love about October:

* September is over and with it will (hopefully) go the craziness of the beginning school year for Theo

*It really, truly is Autumn

* Halloween :)

Have a most excellent weekend!