It’s sunny again today. I’m always amazed at what a little sun can do to make the days so much better.

Also, it’s Friday.

Friday means date night with Theo.

Tonight our date night will be interrupted a bit by a staff/school potluck for Theo’s work. It’s one of those things where we need to “make an appearance”. I am going to make chocolate pies for dessert. After our “appearance” we will go to the Hop ‘n Brew for a real date. Hello Friday, I love you.

Today is also National Punctuation Day in the US. In light of this, I am going to extend the day into Canada and dive into a grammar/punctuation study session. Next week I am attending a meeting of the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors and I need to feel really prepared.

What is your favourite punctuation mark? I think mine is the semicolon because people are afraid of it.

Or maybe my favourite is the poor abused apostrophe. In the last week I have seen it inappropriately added into many words that are meant to be plural.

Example: “Sunday’s are better than Monday’s!”


In happier news, last night was the season premier of my number one show, 30 Rock. She made a hilarious reference to the Barefoot Contessa which, if you watch the food network, would have had you rolling in laughter. I highly recommend 30 Rock to anyone who wants to laugh.

Ok, one more awesome thing before I go:

We are going to see Arcade Fire on Sunday.

I am so excited.

Concert Recap on Monday!