Well, school has begun once again. This year I don’t seem to have that excited feeling I usually get about going back to class. Probably because I’m 25 years old and I’m feeling like I should be done school by now.

Oh well.

I’m having some issues with my German class. I took a beginner German class waaaay back at CMU and, for my honours, I need a second language so I’ve decided to get back into German. But since I took that class at CMU, I can’t get a credit for taking another beginner German class but I need to take it because it’s been 6 whole years since that last class and I’m not sure I remember enough to take a class at a higher level.

Yeesh. Why does school always have to be complicated?

Tomorrow I am taking a placement test to see what my level of German is.

I hope they ask me the German word for ‘lifeguard’ because I certainly remember that.


Happy Tuesday to all!