So, one of my very favourite bands, Arcade Fire, recently released a video to one of their songs off of the new album “The Suburbs.”

It is awesome.

The whole album deals with the idea of the suburbs and how many people (including myself) grew up in big cities and have the same nostalgia for the suburbs as other people might have for small towns, farms etc. It isn’t an attack on the suburbs, which is a nice change of pace from other stuff out there that constantly paints big cities as inherently evil.

The video they released is for one of my favourite tracks on the album, “We Used to Wait.” The song is about waiting for letters and postcards back when people relied on the mail system to hear from friends and family. What is so awesome about this video is that when you go to the homepage, you are asked to put in the address of the house where you grew up. The video then generates google images of your childhood neighbourhood and incorporates them into the video. It’s such a cool idea and really shows you what we are capable of with technology. It’s also kind of creepy to see your old house in a music video.

Here’s the link:

The only catch is that your computer has to be pretty fast for it to work and not crash. The first time I tried it, the browser closed because it couldn’t handle it. But then I downloaded Google Chrome (a type of web browser) and it worked perfectly.

I think that the video really captures the nostalgia for childhood and the fondness most people have for where they come from. If you can make it work, try it out.

Tomorrow I am heading to Edmonton for an extended weekend and to say goodbye to my brother who is leaving on Friday for Iowa. I probably won’t be on here for a little while. I hope you are all having a wonderful week!