Theo has gone back to work.

I have been editing a manuscript all morning.

Summer fun seems to be coming to a close and since it’s been 2 months since I last updated this blog I thought I’d post a wee recap of summer 2010 (Wiebe Style).

The big event of our summer was a 2 week road trip down the Oregon coast and into California. It was a perfect trip, better than we had even anticipated.

Highlights of the trip include:

*An evening in Vancouver where we dined at a fancy italian restaurant

*Astoria Oregon’s many attractions: the Maritime Museum, the Oregon Film Museum, climbing to the top of the Astoria Column, Camping in Ft. Steven’s state park where we found an ancient shipwreck on the beach.

*Driving the coastal highway 101

*Perfectly clear sunny days

*The Moolack Shores Motel with its private beach and our private balcony overlooking the sea

*The many many bookstores we found along the way

*The Redwood Forest. Amazing.

Ok, I’m finding it hard to list the highlights because really, the whole trip was one giant highlight.

The rest of our summer has been spent visiting family, spending time at the lake, seeing old friends and just relaxing at home. Last weekend, on Sunday, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

Theo surprised me with roses. One whole dozen!

To mark the occasion, we got dressed up and drove out to Canmore for a super fancy dinner in the mountains. It was lovely. We even got drinks, an appetizer and coffee in addition to the actual meal! (This is pretty rare for us)

I hope all of your summers have been awesome. I’ll be posting on here more regularly now that we are back into routine.