Oh…Hi there. Remember me? I’ve been terrible at posting things on here lately. It could be because we’ve finally had some for real summertime weather and so I have been spending loads of time outside. It could also be that 13 page paper I handed in today (huzzah!) and the 15+ hours that Theo spent on the computer this weekend writing report cards (ooooh report cards you are so evil).

BUT those two things are done and I now have time to relax and actually take time to write here.

June has been good to us. It has also flown by (does anyone else feel that way?) The weeks have generally been wet and cold (which is good for paper writing) and the weekends have been gloriously summery.

There have been many walks down to the Bow river while sipping on fresca and nestea, ample time spent on our lovely deck, bbq’s with friends, plenty of watermelon eaten, bicycling to the university, and my summer wardrobe has officially been incorporated.

Yesterday alone I changed my outfit 4 times because summer is too short and I have so so many summer clothes. I have to fit them all in, you see.

Our schedule is filling up as well, which really means summer is here. Next weekend we are Edmonton bound, July long weekend will be spent in Fernie, and then we leave for an epic roadtrip on July 10th to Oregon/California.

Oh summer, I do love you.

I hope your June has been full of the joys of impending summer.

(Summer evening tea on the deck)