This weekend, Stephan (Theo’s brother) was itching to go for a hike. He planned one out and Theo was going to go along. I thought I’d hang back at home and get some work done, but the day was so lovely and the mountains so close, that I decided to go with them.

And let me tell you what, this was a serious hike. We gained lots of altitude and were in bear country (we didn’t see any bears, don’t worry).

Then the brothers Wiebe thought it would be fun to boulder up some rock:

and stand on the edge of a cliff:


On the way down we came very close to some deer:

This one looked kind of crazy to me. And he just stared at us, in a creepy sort of way. It was cool.

I’m always amazed that we live an hour away from all of this.

Hope your weekend was so lovely.