Please forgive my lack of updates.

We have been busy bees around here, sprucing up our house in the hopes that summer will actually arrive.

Our kitchen has always felt so crowded, so on the weekend we purchased this wee side table:

It’s the perfect size for right beside our fridge and is now the home of our coffee maker and toaster.

Also, sometimes change can feel big and fresh when really it was only a minor thing that needed changing:

I took out the leaf in our table, changing it from a four person table to a two person table! Genius! It’s really ever only the two of us at that table and the other chairs were being used as junk pile holders.

The smaller table now makes the whole kitchen feel bigger. And some bright flowers don’t hurt either.

Today, the first of June, is my Grandpa Dick’s 79th Birthday! We just chatted on the phone and from the sounds of it, he’s having a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Grandpa! I Love You!

(Here’s a Happy Birthday blast from the past for you)