Last night I went out to camp valaqua to visit my friends who are there for the summer.

One of them dared another to jump in the freezing mountain river, swim to the other side and back, for 5 dollars.

Heather can be easily persuaded to do just about anything for 5 bucks:

(Amy and Kari pull her to safety)

Being out at camp was so wonderful. I hadn’t been there for 3 years, which is the longest stretch I’ve ever gone without camp in my life. As soon as we made our way down the winding hill through the forest I could smell the delicious scent that only exists at valaqua. It is a mixture of tall old trees, mossy rocks, dewy grass, campfire smoke, log buildings and fresh mountain air. It is perfect.

We walked around the main buildings and then trekked down to the river, following a path I have walked over a thousand times. Even though it had been 3 years, my feet knew exactly where to step to miss the protruding roots that litter the path to the river. My feet knew which rocks to step on and which to avoid, where the overgrown path turned and how many steps it would take to descend from forest to river.

I felt immediately at home. Everything was familiar and only a few minor things had changed (many trees have been knocked down from heavy winds this spring, so the sun shone a bit more brightly in some areas than usual).

Having a place like that to visit is really special. Hopefully I’ll make it out a few more times this summer.

When I returned from my evening adventures, these beauties were waiting for me on the table:

What perfect timing for my May flowers.

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!