Today I started editing another book. If you have chatted with me in the past month or so, I probably lamented to you about the disturbingly awful writing of the previous book I edited. That book has now been sent (unfortunately) to the publishers and will most likely go on to sell about 100 copies. I don’t mean to sound pretentious or snobby, but honestly, if that book can get published, anything is possible.

This next book does look more promising. It is non-fiction, which is easier for me to get behind. (The last book was fiction written by a journalist whose only experience was journalism, which (technically) should be non-fiction). So a non-fiction book written by a politician is o.k. with me. Stick to what you know.

The only problem is that this man has no idea how to use a comma. He also used the word ‘often’ 20 times in a 14 page introduction. That is 18 times too many.

So this is my discovery: editing is a practice of ultimate patience.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it and am very grateful for the opportunity to work for the publishing house. I am, however, baffled by the misuse of language by highly educated and thoughtful people.

Conclusion: we should set up mandatory grammar school for anyone who wishes to write a book. This would weed out the vast majority of people who just shouldn’t be writing. Although, then I’d be out of a job.

In other news, it’s been snowing for about a million days straight.

Wait…is that a patch of sunlight I see?

Tomorrow we are off to Edmonton for a delightful Mother’s Day weekend!

Happy Thursday.