Today is Friday, April 16th.

As of today I have ONE paper left to write.

ONE final project left to complete.

TWO final exams (Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon)

Amid all this school stuff there are still great things going on.

Here are 5 awesome recent happenings:

1. Scott’s team WON the AJHL championship

2. Last night I made my Grandma Allen’s delicious meatloaf for supper. Theo came home from work and could smell the deliciousness from outside of our house and thought to himself “Is that smell really coming from MY house?”. Seriously. It was goooood.

3. In one hour’s time I have a coffee date with my dear friend Amy. Study break!

4. It is supposed to be 19 (nineteen!!) degrees today.

5. It’s Friday. Around these parts that means it’s Date Night!

Have a great day!