Since I was about 8 or 9 I have been cheering on my brother in all his hockey endeavours.

There were the early days of freezing my butt off in Confederation Arena, watching him skate with the pack of little boy hockey players as they chased the puck over half the rink. (They only played on half a rink because their little legs wouldn’t go too fast).

Sheila and I usually brought supplies to those games, something else to do instead of watching the action. Diaries, books, polly pockets etc. Our play was always highlighted by trips to the concession where we would pick out 5 cent candies.

Even though, in our younger days, those trips to the rink were more about us than Scott’s hockey team, there was still an element of pride. Pride in our little brother who so obviously loved what he was doing.

As the years have gone by, Scott has grown into a fantastic hockey player.

When we go to his games now, there are no books, no toys, barely any trips to the concession.

It’s all about him. We go to support him and his team, our team.

Tonight is Game 7 of the Enerflex Cup final. The AJHL final.

This one’s for all the marbles.

Unfortunately I can’t make it up to Spruce Grove for the game (this is the last week of classes and all…exams looming around the corner).

I will, however, be listening to the game. Excitedly waiting to hear Scott’s name (there isn’t another feeling out there quite like the one I get when I hear the announcer say his name).

And I’ll be cheering. Hard.

I’ll be thinking of the little boy glowing in his hockey equipment, raring to get out on the rink. I’ll be remembering the mini nets he made for mini hockey in the basement, the ‘waterbottle’ he fashioned out of a coke can and some hockey tape so that when he shot the ball into the net it would ‘pop’ off of the top.

I’ll be thinking about how proud I am that he’s made it this far.

Good luck Scotty.

You’ve got this.