I have some WONDERFUL news!

As you all know, I love books, language, grammar, editing etc. For a long time now I have been interested in gaining some experience in publishing but have struggled with how best to do that. After many talks with Theo over coffee, pizza, cereal etc. we decided that my best bet was to call up some publishing houses here in Calgary and offer my services on a volunteer basis. Volunteer, because no one will hire someone who has zero experience in the industry. You’ve got to start from the bottom! After much encouragement I finally did just that and have landed a volunteer position at a small publishing house here in Calgary!

I had a meeting with the owners this morning at their lovely house over the largest, most delicious latte I’ve ever had. They are wonderful people who do what they do because they enjoy it. The whole place is run on a love for books, publishing and quality of writing. It is independent, run out of their house, and something that I can totally get behind.

My job there will be primarily editorial. The publisher/head editor will be sending me chapters from various books that are in their final stages. My job will be to read over them and catch any mistakes or confusing bits that the previous editors missed. I will be one of the final people to look over the writing before it goes to press. The editor stressed that this is a very important position, and I am very excited.

What I hope to gain from this experience is an insight into the publishing world. I may get paid for some of my work, but it will mostly be a labour of love. I’m pretty confidant that this is the ‘foot in the door’ that I’ve been looking for.