Theo and I have been looking for a new car since the summer and up until now nothing really caught our eye.

So a couple nights ago we were browsing on kijiji and stumbled across a 2002 silver Honda Civic. It had super low mileage and looked to be in great shape. The best part – they were asking 2,500 dollars less than what we had budgeted for a car. So we called them right away and last night we went to look at the car. Needless to say, it is perfect! We’re getting an inspection done on Saturday and will probably seal the deal then as well.

This is all very exciting, but I do feel a tad mournful in saying goodbye to that old green plymouth acclaim that I named Jezebel so many years ago. The car that used to have all tinted windows because it belonged to a spy. The car that previously belonged to Auntie Al and Uncle Paul. The car that traveled so many miles across the prairies, sometimes packed full with all of my worldly possessions. Trips to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Swift Current, Saskatoon, Calgary, Minneapolis, Fernie etc. etc. and back again. The car that was broken into 4 times, stolen once (and then returned).

She has definitely served me well.