I spend a lot of time in the kitchen doing dishes, cleaning counters and (most importantly) making food. Lately I’ve been trying different recipes to spice up our dining life (veggie chili gets old after awhile, you know?)

So last night I attempted cabbage rolls (your recipe, Grandma!) and they turned out perfectly. I was in the kitchen for 3 (yes 3) hours boiling the cabbage, rolling them, frying them and then baking them. It was well worth it. Making different and delicious things for supper sure does help us get through the work and school stress of November.

The apron that my grandma made me also gets me pumped to cook. This is a close up of its sweetness:

Because of our schedules, I’m usually the one who cooks supper but every now and then this will happen:

(he’s a really good cook)

Tonight’s menu: homemade spinach and green pepper pizza. one meal that never goes out of style.

Happy cooking!